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Don Rice Live

I   did   not   plan   on   recording   this   CD.   I   was   in   Omaha   playing   for   the   opening   of   a   photo exhibit   for   Stan   Lipsey   at   the   Kaneko   Creative   Center   and   was   fortunate   to   have   a   terrific rhythm   section   which   we   call   in   the   music   business   a   pick   up   section.   We   did   no   rehearsing,   so everything   was   spontaneous.   Rick   Weiner   of   “Sound   Show"   asked   if   he   could   record   the   group. Several   weeks   later   he   sent   me   a   cd   of   several   of   the   tunes   we   played.   I   liked   what   I   heard   and   I took   the   disk   to   a   friend   of   mine   Ken   Dahleen   just   to   have   a   couple   copies   made.   Ken   Digitally remixed   it,   and   when   I   heard   it,   I   told   Ken   I   wanted   to   make   a   cd   for   commercial   use.   These   are some   of   my   favorite   tunes.   I   hope   you   enjoy   listening   to   them   as   much   as   I   enjoyed   playing them. All the best, Don 1. Autumn Leaves (7:20) 2. Green Dolphin Street (6:00) 3. Everything Happens To Me (7:47) 4. Days Of Wine And Roses (6:24) 5. Girl From Ipanema (6:50) 6. Time After Time (6:51) 7. It Could Happen To You (6:46) 8. Triste (6:31) 9. That's All (3:40) Thanks to: Matt Amandus – piano Mark Luebbe – bass Joey Gulizia – drums Original recording- "Sound Show" April, 2011 Digitally remixed and mastered by Ken Dahleen "Sound Connection" recording studio, Thousand Palms, CA (760) 413-4638 Art work - Ken Dahleen
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