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CD Review By Jeff Simon

A Time for Love [Saxman] Every   year   he's   a   stalwart   of the   summer   jazz   series   on   the   steps of     the    Albright-Knox     Gallery.     But none   of   what   the   tenor   saxophonist plays   with   the   Buffalo   Jazz   Workshop much   resembles   this   sensitive   disc   of standards      with      synthesizer      and strings.   With   his   breathy   Websterian low       notes,       fluid       legato       and mainstream   melody,   he's   a   solid   tenor player   in   Zoot   Sims   mode,   and   that's not   exactly   a   common   commodity   in jazz    these    days.    He    never    quite makes   it   up   one   more   notch   into   the sulfurous      swing      and      absolutely unearthly    beauty    that    will    remind you    of    Stan    Gets,    but    this    is    still happily   unabashed   as   any   mainstream tenor   playing   you'll   hear   this   side   of Scott   Hamilton.   The   rest   of   the   group isn't   quite   on   his   level,   but   his   pianist and    arranger,    Dennis    Michaels,    has given   him   nice,   undemanding   settings to   create   a   ballad   disc   of   very   pretty mood   jazz.   And   there   aren't   all   that many    of    those    in    jazz    these    days, either.


A Time for Love

I've   wanted   to   do   this   CD   for   a   long   time,   but   it   would   not   have   been   possible   without   the help   of   my   friend,   Dennis   Michaels.   Dennis   is   a   brilliant   arranger,   pianist   and   vocalist   who produced   this   project   for   me.   His   wonderful   arrangements   gave   just   the   mood   and   feel   I wanted.   Thanks   Dennis.   Thanks   also   to   the   fine   musicians   (listed   below)   who   worked   on   the project.   Mark   Vincent   is   a   very   talented   engineer   who   recorded,   mixed   and   mastered   the   CD. Great   job,   Mark.   Finally   I'd   like   to   thanks   all   my   friends   and   family   who   have   been   so   supportive of   my   playing   over   the   years.   This   album   is   dedicated   to   two   loves   of   my   life,   Evvie   and Sandy...enjoy...Don. 1. I had the craziest dream (4:19) 2. Someone to watch over me (4:01) 3. When love disappears (4:59) 4. I've got a crush on you (4:19) 5. A time for love (5:25) 6. I don't stand a ghost of a chance (5:09) 7. The very thought of you (5:04) 8. My one and only love (4:42) 9. In the wee small hours of the morning (4:09) 10. I'll close my eyes (3:57) 11. We'll be together again (4:04) 12. Two for the road (5:27) 13. The night we called it a day (4:00) Thanks to: Dennis Michaels-Piano, Synthesizer Strings Doug Mac Donald-Guitar Richard Simon-Bass Paul Kreibich-Drums Herry Scorzo-Violin Michael Harrison-Violin Dennis Michaels-Producer and Arranger Mark Vincent-Engineer recorded, mixed and mastered at: Multi Music Recording Studios Toluca Lake, CA 91602-  May, 2000 Stanford Lipsey-Photography
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