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don rice


Don Rice - Jazz Tenor Sax

A   native   of   Omaha.   Nebraska,   Don   became   a   professional   musician   at   the   age   of   14,   and   traveled   with midwest   territory   bands   until   entering   college.   He   headed   campus   jazz   groups   at   the   University   of   Nebraska.   In the   1960's   he   formed   the   Don   Rice   Jazz   Workshop   Band,   a   sixteen   piece   group   that   gave   concerts   throughout the   midwest.   Appearances   included   the   Kansas   City   Jazz   Festival,   the   Joslyn   Art   Museum   in   Omaha,   the University   of   Nebraska   student   center,   and   a   major   concert   with   the   Four   Freshmen   in   the   Omaha   Civic Auditorium. In   1990,   he   moved   to   Rancho   Mirage,   California,   and   has   been   a   jazz   fixture   in   southern   California   since that   time.   For   many   years,   he   has   been   a   featured   guest   artist   in   Buffalo,   New   York,   for   the   jazz   series sponsored   by   the   Buffalo   News   and   the Albright-Knox Art   Museum.   He   also   has   appeared   for   a   number   of   years at   the   Mammoth   Lakes   Jazz   Festival   in   northern   California.   He   has   done   numerous   concerts   in   southern California,   and   over   the   years   appeared   with   Frankie   Carle,   George   Kirby,   Bob   Crosby,   the   Ink   Spots.the   Maguire Sisters,   Barbara   Mc   Nair,   the   Mills   Brothers,   Herb   Jeffries,   the   Four   Freshmen,   Buddy   Greco,   the Abe   Most   band, Conte   Candoli,   and   Tiemey   Sutton.   The   recording   of   his   CD,   “A   Time   for   Love”,   is   available   online   and   can   also be    ordered    on    his    website.   An    impromptu    recording    “Don    Rice    Live”    is    also    available    on    his    website- www.DonRiceOnline.com
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